A monthly box of toys & healthy treats
Enter our competition for a free box of goodies for your dog.
What's ScoobyBox?
High Quality Toys 
We know how quickly your dog can go through a toy, same as our own dogs too! We designed ScoobyBox to be tailored to your dog with toys perfectly suited to them.
All-Natural Treats
All ScoobyBox treats are natural and healthy. We know what your dog needs to live a happy & healthy life. Our treats contain only the highest quality ingredients.
Durable Toys
Who wants toys that will be destroyed after 5 minutes? Not us, and not you! We source the strongest toys on the market to make sure your dog has hours of fun with ScoobyBox.
What our customers say:
"I love the fact the items change every month - that way it is always a surprise! I think the dogs both liked the duck. Can't wait for the next box!" - Erica Dempsey
"Bruce absolutely loved his first ScoobyBox! He was so excited it was impossible to take any pictures! He loved his toys very much, thank you" - Niamh Cassidy
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