ScoobyHub is our central platform for discussions and information about the most important things in our dogs’ lives. From breeds to behavior, from treats to tricks, this is most pawesome doggie-blog on the World Wide Web.

OK, you have your picture, can I play now?

It’s party time!

We love dogs. We love fun. We love education. And we love information.

What we try to do with our blog is to bring all of these four paws together into one place and give our readers the chance to engage with our site in a fun and laid back environment. Whether it’s some funny images of dogs just being dogs, or an informative article about your little buddy’s health, we’ve got it all right here.

Put simply, this is the home of all things dogs!


Here, I want you to have them!


Our pawesome monthly subscription box for Ireland & UK’s favorite pooches, ScoobyBox, makes this blog possible. Each month we send out a very special delivery bursting with some really tasty treats right to your door, along with some very special and exciting toys. All of the information about our amazing service is available at

Look how happy I am!

Look how happy I am!

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