It Takes a Village: Dog Edition


3 Stories of Heartwarming Dog Rescues

Humans and dogs have a special interaction, like no other species. There seems to be an unwritten code of friendship between the two and this magical relationship is experienced by many people of different eras, cultures, and religions. While this is true, cruelty and unfortunate circumstances still happen to our furry friends, even in this day and age.

These are three heartwarming stories of different kinds of rescues by a community. They describe different experiences, all harrowing for the dogs, but all full of hope after the rescue.

RESCUE FROM DEATH: Local community rescues dog from tar barrelAnimal Aid Unlimited India

When a dog gets stuck at the bottom of a metal barrel filled with tar, the local animal welfare community in India made the effort to rescue her. However, the metal canister wasn’t the only thing that they managed to break through –  the rescuers gained the pooch’s trust because of their help through her harrowing ordeal. The poor dog was found deep in tar, hyperventilating and dehydrated. It took a power saw to free the dog into the light, definitely terrifying for the dog stuck inside. Once freed, the rescuers took 3 hours gently rubbing the sticky tar from her, being careful to cut away the tar mass and handle her burnt skin properly. As much as four people at a time worked to diligently free the dog from the tar, feed her water, and give reassuring affection throughout the challenging rescue. In the end, she was renamed Asha, meaning “hope” and is a wonderful companion to the community. Asha is a living, breathing example of the kindness that can be exchanged between two different beings.

Story and Image from Animal Aid India

RESCUE FROM LONELINESS: Chester the Pit-mix finds a home thanks to online community

North Folk Animal Welfare League

Who said that online relationships never work out? In the case of this adorable pup, things came out for the better. Chester had been stuck in an animal shelter in Long Island, New York, for five long years. The yearning for a loving family was unmistakable in the dog’s forlorn eyes. Because of this, the team at the North Folk Animal Welfare League decided to give Chester a push in the right direction through an adorable photo of his puppy-dog good looks. As soon as Chester’s photo, complete with a heart-wrenching message tied around his neck made it to the League’s Facebook page, the internet fell in love. More than 3,000 Facebook shares and dozens of calls later, the shelter was visited by the Dor family who were immediately taken in by Chester’s charm. The family had previously lost a pet and decided to gain a new family member. They laid their eyes on Chester and the rest was history. While Chester had to say good-bye to his friends in the shelter, he had finally found a family who would love him forever, all thanks to the internet!

Story and Image from North Folk Animal Welfare League

RESCUE FROM ABUSE: Local police in Orlando, Florida bust a dog-fighting ring

Orlando Sentinel

Forcing animals to fight is a barbaric hobby that inflicts deep trauma and behavioral problems to the victims. In 2014 in Apopka, Orlando, an operation by the local police took down a suspected dog-fighting arena where they discovered 33 abused dogs and 26 suspects at the scene. This incident continued on to 2016 where two suspects were finally jailed. The unsettling scene found 3 years ago still haunts the involved parties, which included small animals for the dogfighters to attack, treadmills and punching bags for training, and other such materials. Sadly, animal control authorities who took to the scene likely endeavored to euthanize the dogs that have become too aggressive and threatening to the community. However, groups such as the Orlando County Animal Services and the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando worked to save the adoptable dogs and they have been under their care, even lowering their usual adoption fees to help out the dogs find new families. This is a second breath of life into dogs almost destined to fight to the death for sick entertainment. This abuse may have altered the behavior of some adorable pups, and hopefully time and affection can help them recover as soon as possible.

Story from Orlando Sentinel, Click Orlando


There are many different kinds of circumstances that just happen, and humans have banded together for the opportunity to help a lost soul out – even for dogs! Faith in humanity restored, indeed.



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