ScoobyBox Shows Off Dog Subscription Box In Dragons’ Den

Seen the Dog Boxes in Dragons’ Den?

ScoobyBox is for dogs what Disney is for kids!

The company delivering happiness to homes all around Ireland & the UK has just had a thorough going over by the Dragons.

dog subscription box dragons den

What’s ScoobyBox?

ScoobyBox was started by 3 young entrepreneurs from Dublin. It is a company started by dog lovers to cater for dog lovers that came up with an ingenious way to make owning a dog easier.

Finding new & exciting dog toys is a difficult and expensive task. ScoobyBox takes full care of your dog, delivering hand-picked toys & treats that will make them wag their tails in furious excitement!

From slow beginnings in 2016 ScoobyBox have been growing slowly for over a year and just got a break by going on Dragons’ Den last month.

We’re hoping to bring ScoobyBox to every dog in Ireland to make them as happy as they could possibly be.

Spread The Love

ScoobyBox is also about giving back, making a difference in the dog community and spreading happiness to less fortunate dogs as well as ScoobyBox customers.

The team has worked with dog charities in the past such as DSPCA. Just before Christmas ScoobyBox teamed up with Dell Team Ireland and delivered ScoobyBoxes to their rehoming shelter for dogs without a home for the holidays.

ScoobyBox is always looking for ways to give back and to lend a helping paw to dogs in need.

What do we do?

ScoobyBox is about making dogs happy. Every month, we deliver a big box of toys & healthy treats for them to enjoy.

Everything is healthy and good for your dog, we believe in giving the highest quality products to our pack. We only include things that we would give to our own dogs.

How does it work?

Sign up at and we will deliver a big box of toys & healthy treats each month. Here’s our St Patrick’s Day themed box with a Top Hat, Rope Toy, Super Strong Green Fish, 2 bags of yummy treats and… a Doggy Beer!

The experience of receiving the box is fantastic for your dog. They go crazy when they get their box and it makes us laugh every time.

We love to see our pack happy and we always get lots of pictures of the dogs enjoying ScoobyBox.

Our Dragons’ Den appearance

dog subscription box dragons den

One thing about going into the Den, it’s a scary experience! The nerves are jangling all day before you go in, and once the lights and the cameras are on you feel extremely nervous.

By the time we were almost finished though, we didn’t want to leave, the nerves gave way to optimism and then excitement. It’s a great experience and would make you able to face any fear in the future.

What the Dragons Thought

dog subscription box dragons den

The Dragons had some tough questions for us but we prepared a lot before we went in. They are intimidating to face but once you know your stuff they respect you and are quite receptive. We even had a couple of them slagging each other off!

You’d never fear anything again after being on Dragons’ Den.

How to Become a Member

Head to and enter your details on site to join up. It takes just 2 minutes.

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