3 Heartwarming Stories About Guide Dog Heroes

Dogs are intelligent and kind creatures – two characteristics that make them great caretakers. Since the domestication of our canine friends, we have found many ways in which we cohabit with them. One of the most exciting and wonderful ways dogs have helped humans are as guide dogs.

This noble canine profession takes years of training and preparation. Here are some heartwarming stories around the internet about this line of work. Through these stories, may we learn more about the importance and significance of these furry friends in society.


Losing your sight in the middle of your growing years is a traumatic experience like no other. Sami Stoner’s story is a tearjerker – an athletic child, her dreams of pursuing a cross-country career seemed to fade like her vision when she was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease. The degeneration of the retina is considered an incurable disease. Just as the young woman was about to lose hope, enter Chloe the guide dog. Proving that dreams know no boundaries in the face of impossible adversary, she found a way to reach her goals and made a lifelong friend along the way. Together they are part of the Lexington junior high track team in Ohio – Chloe even dons the team jersey in a display of unity and sportsmanship!

Full Story from ABC News


Everyday heroes just pop out of nowhere – and the same goes for this heroic dog who serves his human diligently every day, and whose kindness knows no bounds. Orlando, a black lab, guides his owner Cecil Williams safely along New York’s sidewalks and thoroughfares in everyday life – and this loyal guidance extends to near-death experiences! One day in the busy subway of the city, Williams faints and falls to the train tracks. This harrowing true-to-life incident would have been a tragedy, had it not been for Orlando’s courage and persistence. Jumping off the platform and joining his owner on the dangerous tracks, Orlando continuously licked and barked poor Williams and managed to get the attention of the personnel before a train could come in. The dog has gone above and beyond his duty, and the bond between guide dog and owner has certainly reached new bounds of faith and trust.

Full Story from The Guardian


We often take advantage of guide dogs – we are led to believe that since they are trained at length for the service that they provide, that everything they do to serve their human must come naturally to them. However, the story of Lombard the dog and his journey towards guide-dog life teaches us about the trials and tribulations they go through in their lifetime as well. His owner, Hana Kim, was originally training him to be a guide dog. Even through the lovely yet painstaking documentation of the puppy’s life, it seems that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Today, Lombard, renamed Gumbo ever since Kim adopted him out of the guide dog program, is in training to be a therapy dog instead. It’s a bittersweet story that illustrates the hope and wonder that canine friends bring into our life!

Full Story from My Canine Life YouTube Channel

Guide dogs are more than pets, they are life support for our disadvantaged members of society. These dogs go beyond being a pair of eyes anew, but a part of their owner’s life that will move them in more ways than one. Have any amazing guide dog stories to share? Comment below to get a conversation about your favorite guide dog stories flowing!



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