5 Of The Funniest Dog Memes The Internet Has To Offer

Memes are the 21st century method of communication, picking and choosing the best of cultural phenomenons to immortalize our amusement. With the quick spread of images, videos, and GIFs through social media, we can now share our jokes, political opinions, and musings on everyday life through a simple meme.

Man’s best friend is heavily featured in this phenomenon, and this list proves it. Our deep connection with the canines of the world make them an integral part of our lives and culture – so it shouldn’t be a surprise as to why such a list exists! Read on and tell us in the comments about your favourite dog memes!

  • Doge

Dogs make the most adorable faces, whether they are puppies or adults. Their soft facial features make it hard for us to resist them. When the “Doge” meme took the internet by storm, people loved the pup’s cute “derp” face.

Doge is actually a female Shiba Inu named Kabosu. She has a heartwarming story, being an adopted dog from an animal shelter, and named after a citrus fruit native to Japan due to the roundness of her face. As destiny would have it, Kabosu launched a thousand memes, complete with broken English and annoying use of colored Comic Sans font. With round face and upturned eyebrows, internet users love to use Doge to express multiple kinds of emotions – much wow!

  • Pun Dog


Puns may be thought of as the lowest form of joke, usually deemed unfunny by some. However, something about cutesy wordplay and the expression on this cute husky’s face is just oh-so-right! Starting from a reddit thread celebrating cute dogs, the Pun Dog 3-panel comic started becoming a meme staple.

This super adorable open-mouthed smile forced people to carefully reconsider their feelings towards puns, and even outed the biggest pun lovers. The effect is especially side-ticklingly funny when it’s accompanied by a totally blank version of the final panel – teeth and all!

  • Yes, This is Dog


Anthropomorphizing our beloved pets is something we love to do, especially us dog lovers who wonder what’s on their mind. This image is from a pretty old movie, a 1984 Serbian movie – which really makes you think what’s going on in the scene, adding to the weirdness of the still. Users photoshopped the Labrador into all kinds of situations, fulfilling fantasies of the secret life of pets.

  • Stoner Dog


This list is filled with dogs taking on some pretty funny expressions, and Stoner Dog is no different, but still delivers the same level of entertainment. Coming from Russian image boards, the wonky smile reminds us of people who’ve smoked up and act in a funny, chill manner.

People who understand the look of this goofy dog have made a barrage of relatable memes using the relaxed pet. Usual caption fare consists of canine jokes, funny realizations, conspiracy theories, and generally atrocious stupidity that comes with being high. Totally, dawg!

  • I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


While the library of this meme is not exclusive to dogs, a large bulk goes to our furry friends. Featuring animals in human situations, the effort to put these photos together and literal cluelessness of the animals in these poses come together to bring the internet some chuckles.

Whether on the camera, on the laptop, or on the photo, our open-mouthed, tongue-wagging, and super cute pets look so adorably clueless amongst elaborate set-ups. Thank you, internet – you definitely have an idea of what you’re doing!

What’s your favourite dog meme? Let us know in the comments 🙂



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