5 Fictional Dogs That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

If your household wasn’t blessed with having a cute dog to play with in your childhood years, we are sure that you shared some formative moments wishing that you had! Man’s best friend has been depicted as an integrative part of the American family, and we are only happy to see television expanding this culture all over the globe. Here are some of our favourite fictional canines that brightened up our younger days!

  • Snoopy

Charlie Brown’s sweet beagle was everyone’s Sunday newspaper favourite. The comic  continues to be published worldwide since 1950 and despite officially ending in 2000. With a huge imagination and adorable carefree laziness, Snoopy fits right in the Peanuts gang as a solid character. He is practically a part of their daily struggles and triumphs – who wouldn’t want this cheeky dog to be part of their day, anyway? Whether it’s hanging around Schroeder’s piano and chilling to Beethoven, or goofing around his cute red dog house with Woodstock the bird, we’re sure he has some funny tricks in the back of his mind.

  • Clifford

This next character made Scholastic Books the golden standard of beginner’s literature. Everyone’s fantastic childhood dream is to be friends with an awesome and powerful character, like a dragon. Clifford showed us you can be big and friendly at the same time, and people loved him for it! His adventures with Emily Elizabeth going around and helping all their friends is both exciting and heartwarming. Even through a lot of regular stories and holiday editions, Clifford still shines with his shy and sincere personality – despite getting into trouble with his size. A bright red bloodhound admittedly sounds terrifying in real life, but in the cartoon world? Pure happiness!

  • Wishbone

Isn’t literature and history a lot more interesting when you’re experiencing it with a bright-eyed, active Jack Russell Terrier? Wishbone, perhaps named after the lucky skeletal part or alluding to the wistful daydreams the dog has, is a small dog with a big brain. Flashing back to the French medieval or the Wild Wild West in full costume, Wishbone captured the hearts of book lovers and dog owners alike. His place in the Talbot family is serialized through creative imagination and insights from regular, daily life. The smart and mature way the show was written earned it a lot of awards and fond memories from its faithful audience in the late 90’s. If librarians could have pets, we’re sure Wishbone is their top choice!

  • Scooby Doo

The villains loved to blame those “meddling kids” of the Mystery Machine, but most of the investigative havoc is caused by everyone’s favourite Great Dane. Between bites of pizza and running away from ghosts, this Hanna-Barbera classic made kids venture into the darkest corners of the neighborhood, toting their conspiracy theories and canine friends! Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy are a ragtag bunch of detectives, and Scooby completes the gang not just as comedic relief but as a real mystery-solving master at the scene of the crime. Are you up for an adventure? Pop in Scooby Doo in your VHS and prepare for a ton of laughs before you can say “Scooby Snacks!”

  • Blue

Steve solving riddles from his blue-spotted dog he so creatively named was definitely the highlight of our afternoon. Who could resist Blue’s playful charms as she leaves beloved clues all over the house? Not only was Blue extremely cute, she also put our toddler brains to the test and made us feel like tiny geniuses once we find out what she wants to do that day! The colorful animations, large cast of characters, and catchy earworms (“Here’s the mail, it never fails…” take it away) made us shout with glee at our TV screens. With Blue, an ordinary day at home feels like a grand adventure, without fail!

Flashing back to your favourite furry friends from books and television? We are fondly remembering wanting to hold these fictional dogs and keep them in our house too!



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