5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend can so easily captivate the hearts of friends and strangers alike? Just the mere mention of a cuddly creature will be enough to send dog-lovers into a happy frenzy. It’s a strange phenomenon, but dogs are a true delight for many people. Here are some of the reasons we believe dogs are irresistible.

  1. They are just so cute. It has been said that the reason we find babies so cute is because of their big eyes and soft features. Many dogs have these characteristics, and that is why the sight of them excites humans. The fluffiness of their fur is also a factor – they look comforting. It’s not just about the size or the color of the dog, but the inherent gentleness that we sense from their presence. We feel the need to cuddle and protect them, so we love to stay close!5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs
  2. They fit our lifestyles perfectly. How your dog behaves will largely have a part on its breed and the training you give them, but generally you will find that they can be agreeable to the lifestyle you provide them. Love going on outdoor adventures? Your Golden Retriever will roam the world with you, on land or in the sea. Love to lounge around? Your Shih Tzu will do the honors of adorably sitting by your side.5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs
  3. They are pure and innocent. While dogs can be mischievous, they have no intention of ever doing evil to their beloved owners. They may bite in self-preservation efforts, but that will only be in situations where they feel either themselves or you are in danger. This completely pure relationship, that is built from kindness and understanding despite the language barrier, gives humans a sincere feeling of comfort.5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs
  4. They are our constant and loyal companion. Time is the thread that ties all bonds together. When it comes to dogs, this is true as well. Anyone who remembers the story of HachikĊ will understand. Maybe your dog also waits for you by the door, or maybe you take your puppy with you on your international travels. Whatever the level of relationship you have with your dog, time will see it grow into an unbreakable bond.5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs
  5. They love you too – and they will show it! The affection we give our dogs is reciprocated. It is in this relationship that people really feel a bond with their dogs. The give-and-take that we experience with our furry friend is unlike what we will ever receive from our fellow humans. The kindness and time you pour out for Spot will be returned tenfold!5 Reasons Why We Love Dogs

The adoration of these canines started so early into history, and we have never forgotten about this special bond between human and dog. From the feral canine warriors of old to today’s sporty, active pups, we continue to see humans loving dogs, all throughout history and the future.



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