This Unique Collie Is A Rare Breed Of Amazing Beauty

So Pup of the Week is back, and this week we have Rota, this beautiful little lady is a Blue Merle Border Collie. Rota lives in Galway with her loving owners Alva and Brian.

Alva kindly took the time to tell us a little about this gorgeous pooch. She informed us that being a Blue Merle is actually interesting, “Rota is completely unique, every Blue Merle is different. They have different markings and even different personalities. Blue Merle’s come in lots of different breeds but Border Collie is the most common.”

This young lady is already full of personality, “Rota is just 1-year-old, so still a puppy and full of devilment as you can see by her eyes, they show she is always up to no good!”

Rota lives in a full house of four-legged friends, “She has a big fur family in our house! We have 5 other dogs, 4 cats and chickens in our house and Rota fitted in perfectly. She definitely took a shine to Scrappy. Scrappy is our Terrier and also Rota’s best friend, they play together for hours and at the end of the day sleep side by side. Since she was a pup they have shared everything, toys, treats and even their food!”

Alva believes that her pet should have a good life, “Rota was never got for breeding or for showing, we come from a house where animals are let to enjoy their life to the last. When I got Rota I got her because she was one of a kind and unique.”

Rota did so much more than Alva ever imagined. “She became a companion I couldn’t be without and she always knows when I need a cuddle and a kiss. But I think her daddy Brian is her number one! She waits at the window at the same time every day for him to come home and once he gets home you can’t keep them apart.”

When she’s not being a love-bug at home Rota likes to get outside too! “She loves to go in the car. One time Brian put her in the car and she sat on the passenger seat and wouldn’t move, she just looked at me as if to say ‘mom you’re getting in the back!'”

This girl has a bit of a thing for her toys… “One thing is for definite, Rota loves her toys. She loves all the other dogs’ toys too! As for treats, of course, Nanna’s mash and gravy is her favourite, and toast with the end of Grandad’s tea in the morning with Scrappy before I go to work!”

Alva is cherishing this amazing dog as her loving companion. “Rota is the funniest dog I’ve ever seen and also very athletic, she’s of energy and excitement. Borders and very intelligent and can hold up to 200 commands. Some she picked up in seconds like sit, lie down and high five.”

She finished by saying “Rota is number one in my eyes and I wouldn’t change her for the world. She has become a big part of my family, and she is always there when I need a friend.”

A big thank you to Alva Kilkenny for telling us all about Rota. Make your dog next week’s Pup of the Week by entering them on Facebook.



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