Rare Irish Water Spaniel Finds a Loving Home And 3 Sisters

This week’s Pup of the Week is actually an interesting insight into a rare breed that’s native to us here in Ireland. Truffle is an Irish Water Spaniel and she’s two and a half years old, living in Galway. Her loving owner Amanda Crosbie told us a little about her. Amanda has her own YouTube channel here.

Truffle is a special dog, even more so to Amanda, who spent a lot of time dreaming of owning a dog she had heard so much about as a child. “I always heard my dad talking about his “rat tailed” spaniel and so I always wanted one. I searched for her for ages. But they are so rare in Ireland, even though they are an Irish native breed.”

These rare dogs are quite unique in their appearance. “They have naturally no hair on their face and tail. So that’s where the rat-tailed spaniel name came from. Eventually, I found a lady called Judith in England and that’s where I got my Truffle from.”

Since Amanda took Truffle in, she’s settled in with her new sisters perfectly. “She has two sisters, Cupcake and Pumpkin, both are standard poodles. Cupcake is white and Pumpkin is red. They all really love each other and they go everywhere together. At night, they literally sleep on top of one another!

When they’re out together as a family, these ladies absolutely love to strut their stuff. “Truffle loves to walk in the forest, she loves finding bushes and shrubs to go exploring in. But, as soon as she sees water she turns into an otter! She loves the water. She would dive in a puddle if she could!”

Truffle loves her home comforts too, Amanda explains. “Her favourite toy is anything with a squeak! Then the challenge begins to find and destroy the squeaker. She is also obsessed with tea if I have a cup of tea she will come and bully me for some!”

Irish Water Spaniel

Truffle knows how to make her voice heard around the house. “She talks quite a lot and we not have trained her to bark loud and then bark quieter yet. She gets SO excited when she gets to do it.”

Amanda has a huge soft spot for Truffle, and the other two ladies too. “My dogs are my fur-babies everyone that knows me knows that. Truffle is so important to our family, she is a huge part of it actually.

“She is a great ambassador for her breed. She has been on TV3 and is even in a book about native Irish breeds. We love her and her fur-sisters very very much.”

A big thank you to Amanda Crosbie for telling us all about Truffle. You can subscribe to Amanda’s YouTube channel here.

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