Rescuers Try To Save Dog From Mountain – She Climbs Down Herself!

Rescuers in Utah had quite a job on their hands when they got a call about Mary the dog, who had become stranded on a ledge up a steep mountain.

Mary had become separated from her owner. She ended up on a small outcrop on the side of this hill in the US state.


The rescuers loaded up their gear and set out to help Mary, but their efforts didn’t quite to go plan. Armed with a dog harness and, of course, a GoPro to film it!

Hanging from a ledge over a 50ft drop, the team spent almost two hours trying to coax her to safety with food. Every time she got close however, Mary got the jitters and escaped their clutches.

We hate to fail. It takes time,” rescue worker Shaun Roundy told ABC4 Utah. “Towards the end, it was disappointing when we realised there was nothing more to do without putting the dog more at risk.”

After trying in vain to rescue Mary, they decided they couldn’t do any more. If they persisted they could have just put her in more danger.


They left her some food and retired for the evening, and got some nets ready to go back the next day.

When they got back though, she had vanished! Mary decided she didn’t need any help and with her owner at the foot of the mountain calling her, she came down all by herself!

Maybe she was just chilling up there after all?

Glad Mary is safe now though!



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