20 photos of amazing bull terrier exploring abandoned places

Meet three-year-old claire, the amazing bull terrier who travels the world with her owner Alice Van Kempen to seek out abandoned vehicles and buildings.

Alice has visited European countries such as Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, in pursuit of her passion for urban exploring, taking her pooch as her trusted companion.

See the amazing pictures for yourself….

dog2Claire stands ironing a colourful tea towel in an abandoned farm house in the Netherlands. Source

dog1This shot was taken in an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Belgium. Source

dog4Claire poses out the window of an abandoned car. Source

dog3Claire looks glamorous in this empty train carriage in Belgium. Source

dog6Claire takes a shot at sewing .Source

dog5Ready for take off.. The pooch piloting a deserted plane in Belgium. Source

dog8Claire looks like she knows what she’s doing. Source

dog7Alice snaps away as her dog washes some clothes in a tub in the Netherlands. Source

dog10Claire poses on a luxury chair in a stunning castle in Belgium. Source

dog9In the same castle Claire perches on a ledge and stares down at an old doll. Source

dog14Claire takes a nap aboard an abandoned plane in Belgium. Source

dog13Claire looking fabulous in her leopard print outfit. Taken in the abandoned town of Doel. Source

dog15Claire pictured in an old farmhouse in Belgium. Source

dog11Claire about to break into a safe in an abandoned cafe in Luxembourg. Source  

dog21Alice takes a snap of Claire in a abandoned home in Belgium. Source

dog20Claire sits in a dusty cart in an abandoned villa. Source

dog23Claire poses wearing a stethoscope and glasses in this old nursing home in Belgium. Source

dog25Looking fabulous! This blonde bombshell poses in a farmhouse in the Netherlands. Source

dog24The pup sits in an abandoned castle in France. Source

dog22The pooch looks out the window from an abandoned villa. Source  

Lets hope we see more of Claire and Alice’s adventures soon…

To see more photos of Alice go to the Daily mail




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