This Sweet Staffy Is Changing Minds About So Called ‘Vicious’ Breeds

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This week’s Pup of the Week is a very talented boy named Elmo, who lives in Ireland with his loving trainer and mummy Poppy. Elmo loves to perform in shows, especially dress up and is quite photogenic and definitely a poser!


Poppy told ScoobyBox, “I got Elmo as a little puppy in Tipperary, both of his parents were full Staffordshire Bull Terriers, he always had a little curly tail and as he got bigger his tail just got curlier! It now twists right around like a loop but the funny thing is, when he wants he can straighten it too!


As a Staffy, these dogs sometimes get a bad rap for being vicious or aggressive, but that is simply not true. Any dog raised in a loving family will behave like any other dog raised in the same situation, and many animal trainers say that the breed of dog doesn’t matter nearly as much as the life the dog has experienced that determines their attitude and personality.


He has a great personality and temperament, his character is massive and so cheeky but always loving. We do some fun shows and get prizes which he loves to boast to the other dogs in the family! On September 15th last year we started agility training and this Sunday 3rd April, he got a 1st place in our first ever competition with a score of 0.00 meaning no faults – 100% perfect run.” said Poppy.


Elmo is clearly a natural at performing and Poppy agrees, “It was as if he knew instantly, he was on such a high.”

Some people may believe these dogs have ‘lock jaws’ which is 100% false, no dog has the ability to unhinge their jaw to hold on to anything, they do have the ability to hold onto something they want to hold on to, but then again so does ANY dog!


These are not a vicious breed, as there is no such thing! Any dog raised chained to a tree and un-socialized or raised purely for breeding will have aggressive tendencies, regardless of breed. By the same token any Staffy raised with love and care with other dogs and a human as their pack leader will behave the same as any other loving family dog.


Elmo himself has lots of friends, “He gets along great with other dogs and children and loves nothing more than snuggles on the couch. He is even in training to be a trick dog and hopefully we will have a routine put together for summer.”

“He jumped in on a fun photo shoot myself and my friends done, and look at that super proud face!”


“He loves nothing more than showing off his fabulous coat and here he is practising “stand” which will be his show pose. Elmo ALWAYS joins me on adventures! Nothing he loves more than a good road trip and finding something nice to pose with.”


Some people say Staffys can’t live with other dogs or are aggressive towards siblings, but Elmo even interacts with a cat and gets on great with them, as with any dog raised correctly. Funnily enough, Poppy said “sometimes a cat comes to beat him up!”

He is definitely a performer at heart, and has no problem looking good for the camera, “Elmo loves dress up, he knows where I keep his clothes and if I open that drawer he gets really excited and sniffs something out to wear for a bit.”

Elmo seems to be such a sweet boy, and Poppy is clearly very close with him, we wish him the best for all of his future performances!
Poppy finished by saying “When it’s all said and done he has a snuggle with Mr. Rabbit every night.”
A big thank you to Poppy for telling us all about Elmo.
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