15 Quick Tips To Help You Train Your Dog

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Dog training is not easy to do. It takes a careful blend of techniques and knowledge to do it correctly. Many people don’t believe this, but dogs are just like humans. Let me ask you, when is the last time you tried to teach a child to do something? It’s definitely not easy, so here are some tips to consider when preparing to train your dog…


  1. Be committed.

Do not get a puppy or a dog for a pet if you are not fully committed in caring for it. Without commitment, you can never train your pet effectively. By being committed, as well as by loving your pet, you would have the necessary drive to do what needs to be done in order to train him well.

  1. Never give up.

Whether you are trying to train a dog or a puppy, you need to be aware that it requires time and a lot of patience in order to get your pet to perform the things you want him to do. In other words, you need to be patient about it and never give up, so that eventually, he will be able to understand what you want him to do and do it.

  1. Be positive.

Be positive at all times when it comes to training your dog. A positive attitude will mean a lot for your pet, since he can feel when you become frustrated or angry. Being positive means that you need to remember to praise him whenever he does something good. Aside from that, you should also believe that your pet can and will do it, so as to encourage a more positive atmosphere throughout.


  1. Prepare treats.

Dogs love treats like dog biscuits and such. Prior to taking the steps in training your pet, you should prepare treats as rewards whenever he is able to follow your command. Make sure that the kind of treats you have prepared is something that he really likes, especially for the more difficult parts of training, so that he would really know that he has done something right.

  1. Do not forget about your dogs health.

Before training your dog, you have to make sure that he is in top condition. This is because, a dog that is not feeling a hundred percent well would not have the focus that you want him to have. He should be a happy and healthy dog to begin with, which is why you should make sure that he eats nutritious foods, and he should be taken to a veterinarian for his regular checkups.

  1. Take your dog for a walk.

Walking your dog can make him happy. It can also ensure that he gets enough exercise, which would promote his health. Doing this on a regular basis would make your dog see it as a routine; and, this would make positive results in your training program, especially if you do it on a regular basis as well. Walking your dog before training sessions is also helpful as they are exercised and more relaxed and therefore should be able to concentrate better.


  1. Play with your dog.

Dog training should just be one of the things that you do in a particular day. In other words, do not do it for all of the time that you spend with your dog. Play with him whenever you can, so that he can feel that being with you is not just all about learning new things, but having fun as well.

  1. Train your dog in a place free from distractions.

You have to take note that dogs can get easily distracted. In other words, if you want his full attention on the trick or task that you need him to perform, then you should make sure that you are doing it in a place free from distractions. Keep in mind that your other pets can distract him, as well as other people in your household.

  1. Get to know your dog better.

There are certain times of the day when your dog is more active. For example, some dogs like to take naps during the afternoon; and, if that is the case with your pet, then you may want to train him in the morning or after his afternoon nap. It is best to train your dog when he is full of energy, so that you can pay attention to you more.



  1. Time your training sessions.

Always take note that in most cases, dogs can put their full attention to their masters for a period of 15 minutes only. Thus, there is no point if you are going to go beyond that time period in training your pet, since he may already lose his focus. With that, it is best to schedule short training sessions within the day, to make it more effective.

  1. Be the leader.

Dogs naturally follow a leader in a pack. Thus, you have to establish being a leader, so that your pet would follow your commands. Establishing your dominance does not mean that you have to hurt your pet. One example of it is to show him that you are the one to eat first, before giving him his food. Teaching the ‘heel’ command, that is your dog follows you instead of leading you on walks should be the first thing you teach your dog, this establishes you as the pack leader and makes further training easier for both of you.

  1. Reward your dogs good behavior.

Giving rewards to your dog should not be limited to whenever he follows your command. Whenever you see that he has done something good on his own, you should reward him to encourage that behavior. By doing this, your dog would be able to know that he has done something good, and will do it again and again.


  1. Use your pets name.

Use your pet’s name whenever you need to get his attention. If you have just gotten him home, then you should use it as often as you can, to get him oriented to it. Thus, whenever you are giving him his food, you should call him by his name, as well as whenever you want to play with him or take him for a walk.

  1. Be assertive in giving a command.

Whenever you want to give a command to your pet dog, you have to be serious about it. In other words, you should not let him ignore it, since that could become habit that would cause problems in the future. If you are not ready to enforce your command, then you should give it at another time.

  1. Timing is the key.

Always remember that dogs have short-term memory. In other words, if you are going to reward him for something good that he has done 15 minutes ago, then he would not be able to connect it. The same goes for punishing him for doing something wrong. Thus, you should make sure to reward or punish him on a real time basis, so that he would understand it well.


Bonus Tip: LOVE

Showing your pet love is the first step to developing a good relationship. Don’t get so caught up in the training that you forget to just be your pet’s parent. Love them and cuddle with them. Showing love and affection will cause your pet to want to make you happy.

These tips will get you off to a great start! However, if you find yourself having trouble don’t hesitate to write to us on Facebook, we would love to help you and your pet in any way we can.

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