5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Dog A ScoobyBox

If you’re like me and you absolutely adore your dog and love to see him (or her) happy, then you might want to listen up to these 5 reasons why you should get your dog a ScoobyBox… You can get them a delivery of toys, treats and chews sent right to your door every month!

It Makes Your Life Easier

How many times have you bought your dog a new toy thinking it will keep them excited and occupied for days or weeks to come, only to find they’ve chewed right through it in about an hour? This is a real situation and can become exhausting, not to mention expensive, trying to find the right toy for them to play with.


With a subscription box though, you get at least 2 toys delivered each month, so your dog has a choice which one they want and their attention will be divided between toys, chews and treats so everything should keep them occupied for longer than just one toy.

Have a particularly playful pup? ScoobyBox offers a special ‘Pupgrade’ in their service so your dog can get an extra premium toy in each box for a small extra charge each month. That’s right, three toys!

Your Dog Can Try New Things

When you decided to get your dog a new toy, you are usually confined to buying one from the limited selection of your local pet store. Which is understandable, they have to pick the best selling toys so they can make their money and every dog ends up getting the same old bone, but with a subscription box, every month it’s different!

Your dog will never get the same toy the next time, there will always be something new to get them excited, from a soft stuffed toy to a tough and strong one that will keep them happy for a long time to come.


It’s not just toys that are new and exciting, the treats you get will all be of wonderful variety, such as salmon treats, rich in omega oils to keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny, or a delicacy of other natural treats with no allergens that could make them sick. Your dog will be amazed by all of the new flavors they will experience.

You’ll Save Money

Having thought about those situations, you begin to realize that if we wanted to keep our dogs as happy as they can be, we would end up spending a lot of money on these things each month to keep them satisfied. A toy in a pet store costs upwards of €10 (£8) for a standard toy. A bag of treats can fetch similar prices as well, if your dog is going through these at a rate of one every two weeks, you could be spending up to €40 (£32) a month on things just to keep your dog occupied, maybe even more.


With a subscription box, you get an assortment of these items, along with some other cool doggy accessories such as shampoos or special brushes all for less than €30 (£25) per month. You don’t even have to leave your home, and your dog will be furiously wagging it’s tail to peek inside the box, it’s a win-win!

You’ll Have A Very Happy Dog

Speaking of wagging tails, how excited is your dog when you get them a new chew toy or something fun? You look at them almost jump out of their skin to get it from you, and you feel like the greatest person in the world when you can make them so happy. Now multiply that by about a million, a box comes to your door bursting with a bonanza of goodies for your dog, can you picture the scenes in your home?



This is what you can achieve by signing up to a subscription service, and best of all is…

Other Pups Are Doing It Too!

You wouldn’t want your dog to miss out on all of these great things, especially if it’s going to make your life easier and the bond between you and your dog even stronger. Want more good news? You can sign-up right now.


This service has just come to Ireland and the UK, a new company called ScoobyBox makes up different boxes every month filled with fun toys, yummy healthy treats and exciting chews for your pooch. What are you waiting for?

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