Head To Tail The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog

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Head to Tail

The ultimate guide to your dog and how to keep it in tip-top shape.


This eBook was written for people like me, or at least like I used to be, thrust into the world of owning a dog in a sudden shock, and feeling overwhelmed by the sense of responsibility to this wonderful animal. But while very proud and full of love, I started off very inept and ill informed about dogs needs, but one thing I did have was a determination to educate myself to ensure I gave it the love and attention it deserves.


You may be new to owning a dog, or just curious to know if you current regime of keeping your dog healthy is sufficient in todays world of hidden dangers. This book will guide you on a journey to becoming well informed and educated on your dogs current state of health and will keep you vigilant of possible dangers lurking around the corner.


I will take you on a journey through your dog, starting from the very tip of its nose, right down to the last strand of fur on its tail. This book will take you through each body part in extraordinary detail, drawing on advice from a range of sources, from experienced dog owners, veterinary doctors, and specialists in animal welfare, while some old wives tales and myths will be busted along the way.


This book will give you a never before seen insight into how your dog interacts with the world and why it has evolved the way it has up until this day. You will receive advice on bathing, brushing, shedding, eye care, dental care and much much more…


Start to become the great pet owner you know you can be, and download Head to Tail – The ultimate guide to keeping your dog in great shape!


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