ScoobyBox Is On The Way

So… let’s face it, we all love our pooches and that was the inspiration for ScoobyBox.  This bond between humans and our four legged furry friends is a great companionship to have. Hey, they don’t say man’s best friend for no reason right?

But in between, meetings, relationships, and other commitments, you might struggle to find the time to give your pet the proper attention it deserves, like purchasing some exciting new toys for Rex, or yummy treats for Milo.

You might also be unsure of the sources of your doggie treats that you buy at the supermarket and wonder are they actually any good for your dog. Or your dog may be so in love with the things you buy that they’re usually chewed and gone so quickly you would need a warehouse in your garden to keep them satisfied!

Well, if this sounds familiar (and it is to us) we have a solution for you…


Introducing ScoobyBox, the monthly bonanza of exciting and engaging doggie items for your favorite little poochie. Each month you will receive a very special delivery from us bursting with some really tasty (and did we mention organic) treats right to your door, along with some very special and exciting toys that are sure to have your doggie howling for more!

Oh and one more thing, each box will also contain a special item for the doggies special owner too, to help keep their pup looking fabulous all year-round!

Our Promise

We wouldn’t give anything to your dog that we wouldn’t give to our own, that’s why all of our products are sourced right here in Ireland, so you don’t have to worry about your little buddies turning their nose up at any foreign cuisine.

But hey, we get it, we’ve got our own dogs too, and we know not every Lassie will take kindly to absolutely every item we pick out, so if yours doesn’t engage with one of our products this month, just let us know. We promise to include an extra item for you in the next box you receive which will hopefully get a better reception 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Get ScoobyBox now and ensure a hassle free approach to keeping your tail-wagger happy all year-round. And if your dog was bothering the post-man before, wait until you see your pooches face when ScoobyBox starts to come every month… Beware of the dog (being so happy, that is)

Launch date coming very soon!



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